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Nike is no doubt in the forefront of sportswear retailers who have join the sustainability cause, whether for profit or the environment or because these both work together for the sustainability of our world and their companies. Competitors, Adidas, New Balance, and Sketcher aim for Nike’s zero-waste capabilities but are nowhere near. Adidas, the closest to Nike’s efforts, still throws out 10% of their inventory (Adidas). While Nike continues to promote the globalization of sport, using the McDonald’s system of control, and monopolizes the sports-media complex, Nike still dominates as the environmentally conscious retail giant of global sportswear. They have closed the competitive circle of claiming zero-waste above its competitors, but they do not control where their shoes go to die if they do not come home to Nike. Most Nikes may end up at the dump, in the ocean, or in garbage containers sent to second and third world countries. Our consumer dollars are a powerful vote to protect the environment. Do you throw your old Nike to the roadside…or will you bring them to Nike to repurpose into new shoes? Nike will only make a sustainable difference if we do too.

I took this photo while walking my dog. High jinks perhaps, but it is litter all the same and sometimes where old Nikes go when they die.
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